Goodbye Blogspot, Hello Hugo

Goodbye (any) traditional blogging system I used Wordpress for like 8 years, wrote some plugins myself (some that I already published), eventually got tired of managing my own hosting, and switched to Then want 15 dollar a year just for custom domain feature, and I switched to Blogspot. I happily used Blogspot for a while, but even so, the experience is not that great. Some example: Bloated: there are so many features I don’t use, and the feature I use, I have to code it in manually. [Read More]
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Stripe-CTF Level 1 with Golang

This year’s Stripe-CTF brings some interesting things to the table: Cryptocurrency. I’ve already known about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in general, but it’s amazing how Bitcoin relates to Git. The level is here: Basically, like Bitcoin, you have to find a block, in this case is a git commit. The commit must have its hash lower than the target difficulty, specified in the file difficulty.txt. You will compete against a bot, and you have to find and submit a block/commit before it does. [Read More]